Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Photos

This Summer has been eventful :-)  and so I have not had the opportunity to BLOG. 

 My dear husband moved his home office and moved my computer also this weekend and now my computer is where Olivia and I spend most of our time, so hopefully I can get a chance to BLOG now.

This Summer has seen Olivia maturing in so many ways.  Her speech has come along well as has her signing.  Although her significant hypotonia has her still not walking solo, her supported walking has come along well. She loves to walk holding one or both or our hands and will at times use her walker. She likes to free stand and can do it for longer and longer all the time.  Her Physical Therapist always encourages us that Olivia is doing great given her starting point.

Olivia's crawling is very very good and FAST!

Olivia loves building towers!

Olivia using her walker

Olivia using her crawling tunnel.  Not too interested in crawling into it yet.

Olivia gently getting herself off of her chair as opposed to her old method of diving off head first.

Olivia has finally made friends with her sandbox.  I have been working all summer getting her to use it.  She now loves sitting in it and playing.

Olivia loves her little pool in the backyard.  Both the sandbox and pool are from Grandma and Grandpa B

Oh!!! I really splashed water in my eyes that time! Olivia loves to splash!

Olivia has also finally accepted playing in the grass. Again, I had worked all summer on this.  So nice to see all of my hard work paying off in these outdoor activities.  I had feared that we were not going to make the progress I wanted to see with outdoor textures this summer.  But she is doing great!  Today she even ASKED to go outside and walk. She walks (with help) well on the patio and grass.

Lovin' the beautiful day and the beautiful blue sky in her backyard.