Saturday, February 4, 2012

Children's Museum

Now that Olivia is walking EVERYWHERE!  we are beginning to check out GREAT places for kids.  This is the Center for History in South Bend. 
Olivia had a great time exploring and walking everywhere.
I think that right now she just loves wide open spaces to walk.

Olivia kept asking for the swing, which she loves riding on at physical therapy. She must have thought this was a new therapy place.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old and New Photos

These are some old photos that I found on my iPhone

Taken this summer:  Olivia likes to look at her books.

Summer 2011:  Hard to believe that pulling to standing and standing against her  bar were a real task at that point.

Summer 2011:
Olivia's first success at standing independently came from propping on this  slide  then pushing herself to stand.

Summer 2011: Loved her long walks in her stroller

All Smiles!

Our favorite place to walk.  The new section of the River Walk



Olivia is a good tooth brusher!   


Dr Seuss and IPad.  All is right with the World!

Catching  a few ZZZs

Messy play!!!!



Taking a break at Therapy

Grocery Shopping with Mommy

Walking outside

Walking Outside


I got the box and helped myself!

Yummy yummy cereal!