Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Hard Cash! O likes it!

Olivia received this piggy bank from Grandpa and Grandma B for Christmas. For Valentine's Day, Olivia received a heart shaped box with quarters for her bank, also from Grandma and Grandpa B. Olivia is typically upset by the noise of wooden blocks dropping into a wooden box, so we thought that the sound of the quarters dropping into the piggy bank would also be unsettling. But no way! The sound of Cold Hard Cash going into her piggy bank was a delightful sound to her! Smart kid! She knows which sounds are beneficial and which are just loud! :-)
This is one of her wood boxes. We have put a burp cloth in the bottom of it to get rid of the loud unsettling noise so that she will play with it. She is really enjoying this particular box these days. Since beginning to sit unsupported she is loving to work with putting objects in boxes and cups. Above you can see her with a cup and her purple wooden circles.

1 comment:

Hua said...


These pictures are adorable. I'm happy to hear that Olivia likes the sound of money in her piggy bank!

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