Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Evening with Mary

Just had to share this link to An Evening with Mary. It will be available for the next 4 days. The service was held last night at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. Beautiful! It will make your soul sing! Thank you to our dear friends at MaryTV for bringing this into our homes!

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stephanie said...

Hi there I just found your blog. your Olivia is Beautiful!!!!
I had to laugh at your post about Olivia and her teething buddy Sophia. My oldest daughter is named Olivia and my second daughter is... you got it Sophia.

And I have to tell you , what caught my eye was your post title. and that link is great. I started to listen to it with my kids, amazing . We lost track of time, and will probably be late for school. Well worth it.
I will definitely be following along!