Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Olivia is beginning to move herself forward on her tummy. This is progress! Our youngest cat, Rory, was the initial motivation for the effort to move forward. I seem to remember Matthias getting lots of exercise crawling after Rory also!

Olivia is also trying to pull herself up on furniture and in her crib. But her extensor preemie straight leg tendencies are getting in the way. We do kneeling therapy/ play all day long. (intermittently of course! )

Olivia is also getting herself in a tripod position: up on both hands, tummy up, one leg bent and under her, and one leg straight. In her crib she can get both knees under her, but both arms are down. Now just to put it all together!

Just an unrelated photo taken at our Ds association picnic recently. It was great to spend fun time with amazing kids and their awesome parents!

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Csunshinegirl said...

Too funny. Our dog is also the motivation for getting our Olivia to inch forward to. It's fun to watch the progress even if it is slow. LOL!