Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter photos

Here are just a few Easter photos:

Blessed Happy Easter!   Rejoice!  Jesus is Risen!
All ready for Mass and playing with my Easter basket.  Raggedy Anne was a gift from my Birthday in 2010, but she was sitting in my basket this morning. Silly Annie!  :-)

Loving my soft cuddly Melissa and Doug bunny that Daddy found at Whole Foods. 

My Easter LOOT!!!!!  Books!!!! I LOVE books!!!!  And bath toys and a HOLY CARD!!! I LOVE Holy Cards!!!!!
 In lieu of Birthday cards, please send my laminated Holy Cards!!!!
This morning I was sitting looking at my Blessed Pope John Paul II card from my godmother and I was saying PaPa!!!!  No wonder my mommy loves me so much!!!

Mommy and Daddy insisted we color Easter eggs.  I was not happy about it at all. They would not let me throw them. Give me the plastic ones any day!  I can throw those and put them in the dishwasher.  And then Daddy tried to get me to eat a piece of white egg this morning at breakfast. I put it in my mouth and spit it back out. He should not trick a cute little girl.  Last night at dinner, he took me and Mommy to a nice restaurant in Granger and tricked me with sweet potato fries.  I spit them back out too. I like the baked sweet potato only when it was baked whole.  This other way will not do!  I have my standards. The waitress loved me and brought me broccoli and bananas.  Bless her!  She also was learning how to sign so she could talk to me better.  Such a love! Hope Daddy tipped her well!


SukiJ said...

Olivia looked beautiful in her easter dress. What are laminated Holy Cards and where do we find them. I have never seen anyone, poor me. Happy Easter Olivia, Love Aunt Suki

Dee said...

Beautiful Easter pictures ;-) Loved the egg and sweet potato story. Such a smart girl!