Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally a post about Olivia

For any of my Blogger mom friends who have followed my blog, I apologize for my absence.  Things have been a bit crazy around here these past months.  I have been on Facebook, so if you want to friend me on FB let me know! I miss my blogger mom friends. I think of you and your kids often but have not been up and living in blogger world recently.

Some of you may remember that Olivia's ultrasound showed a heart defect that was not found at birth.  Olivia has been cleared of all heart defects and no longer sees a cardiologist.  Now I wonder (LOL) if the ultrasound was not picking up my husband's heart defect! My husband has passed out more frequently than the average person since childhood.  Recently I had to call 911 twice when he passed out.  He spent 7 days in the hospital and after a tilt table test, they diagnosed a heart birth defect! The good thing is that a pacemaker was implanted that same day and that should solve the problem!  Now many of you many recall that only dirt is older than me and my husband. We are indeed older parents,  so it was amazing to the doctor as well as us that at a ripe old age they found a birth defect.  For any of you who know too much about cardiology, the diagnosis was cardiac inhibitory neurocardiogenic syncope.  Basically in response to average daily stresses his BP and pulse would plummet and he would on occasions pass out from his heart stopping briefly.  The doctor said that my husband died for 10 seconds during the tilt table test, which of course leads to the standing joke that he died but got sent back.  We are very glad that he did get sent back!


My Little Wonders said...

That sounds scary for you and your husband, but wonderful that the doctors finally caught a birth heart defect! And yay on Olivia being cleared of all heart defects. Oh, and that picture of Olivia is adorable!

I don't seem to get to my blog often either, though Facebook seems easier. (I don't always update there either, but at least I feel I can drop a quick "status update" instead of feeling the need to write out a blog post! LOL)

Anonymous said...

hello.. I actually just found your blog. It is very nice to see people talk freely about down syndrome.
I have a 4-years-old sister with down syndrome. She had heart defect too,so she had really big heart surgery last year... Now she is very fine and very energetic. Her name is Marite,and she is very charismatic,she wants what she wants and if she will not get it,she will get mad and walk around the house with her pouting face.
Sometimes it's really hard with her,because we do not understand her every need.. We teach her word with flash-cards and I teach her different languages,because sometimes it's easier to say it in other language for her.
She can already speak quite much. already making sentences all by herself. We'll really proud of her but down-kids do need patience ..a lot.
My mother was actually over 40,when she gave birth to Marite...but down-syndrome is in our family genes.
But she has teached all of us.. our personalities have grown.
Yes,she is sick and we can't change their looks,but we can change ourselves,and we can show the world,that down-syndrome is nothing to be afraid of.
again,thank you so much for your blog. It is really encouraging to read this kind of things from all over the world.
We're from Estonia,Europe..
In Estonia,there are a lot of families with down-syndrome child. And we all keep in touch,because Estonia small country. We write and visit each-other to give each-other strength.
I wish to year family all the best ! Hug Olivia !!!
I wish you strength and patience to continue.