Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old and New Photos

These are some old photos that I found on my iPhone

Taken this summer:  Olivia likes to look at her books.

Summer 2011:  Hard to believe that pulling to standing and standing against her  bar were a real task at that point.

Summer 2011:
Olivia's first success at standing independently came from propping on this  slide  then pushing herself to stand.

Summer 2011: Loved her long walks in her stroller

All Smiles!

Our favorite place to walk.  The new section of the River Walk



Olivia is a good tooth brusher!   


Dr Seuss and IPad.  All is right with the World!

Catching  a few ZZZs

Messy play!!!!



Taking a break at Therapy

Grocery Shopping with Mommy

Walking outside

Walking Outside


I got the box and helped myself!

Yummy yummy cereal!

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To Love Endlessly said...

scrolling through, I kept thinking "this is my favorite, oh no this is my favorite". They're all so cute! You have such a beautiful girl!!