Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool purple bandage

Today, O had her first blood test since she was released from the NICU. She did really well, and Mommy and Daddy got through it just fine, too! We were very nervous though. But with the team effort of two technicians working her arm, Mommy holding her other hand and pacifier in her mouth (O's mouth, not Mommy's mouth) and Daddy massaging O's feet, we made it with minimal tears and crying. Actually, Mommy and Daddy did not cry at all. They were very grown up about it, even though they really did not like this part of parenting one bit.

As you can see in the photo that we took when we got home, that she looks very brave and very tough in her purple bandage.

The blood tests were routine: thyroid, sickle cell anemia and Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI). TNI is optional in care for people with Down syndrome, but our doctor believes in using it. Many people who use it for their children say that they notice more alertness and energy in their children. O tends to have low endurance and limited alertness.

It is hard to believe that August is almost gone. O has become increasingly social, has gained strength in her neck, arms and shoulders, but still doesn't have complete head control. She will be 4 months old chronologically the beginning of September. O is beginning to attend to books being read to her, and is also beginning to enjoy songs being sung to her. She is doing some early self soothing in her crib: hands to mouth. And she is beginning to hold and mouth stuffed animals and stuffed veggies. Her favorites are carrot and puppy. We no longer angle the crib mattress, as she can roll around 180 degrees. She has discovered that she at times likes to sleep on her side. Although all babies do these things, it is still a bit of a miracle to watch it all unfold while we are sitting in the front row. Sleep is going well... except when it is not. But we cannot complain most nights. Last night... I saw 2:30 am and a bottle at 3 am.

Thanks to everyone who keeps us in prayer. The only thing that could make us happier is if O had been born to us directly and there were not the complications that adoption places on the family unit. But God watches over those who are of pure intention. God is indeed good and sends His angels to lift us up!


PJM and LSM said...

They also ran a CBC.

I have to admit that I will be glad to get the results of all the tests and know where we stand. She seems like such a healthy baby with Ds. We pray that is still the case.

Rooster said...

I cried real tears when Marcos got his first shot. We were at the clerk's office in Morelia to register his birth and there happened to be a public nurse there. When he was in the hospital first born, any pricks were done away from my watchful eye. But his nurse at the clerk's office insisted he needed a shot and I was not emotionally prepared. Oh man, it hurt me so much more than it hurt him!

Don't worry yourselves when there is nothing to worry about. That's why I hate all the tests the US doctors put us through when there are no symptoms to be worried about. Makes us feel sick or like something "could" be wrong when we have no reason to think anything IS wrong. The power of suggestion is dangerous. Especially to new parents who are so protective of their dear little ones. I used to read all of the highlighted pages in the back of the parenting books about what "could" go wrong... why???? I worried myself needlessly, of course!