Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is funnier than a right-side up pig?

An upside down pig, of course!

Yesterday, Mommy set up O's play things and Mommy did not know that she had set up the pig upside down. O was laughing and smiling and just having a grand old time. Mommy had no idea what was so funny. Then she saw! The humor! An upside down pig!

Well, today Mommy is finding out that the little girl with the orange flower in her hair is just as hilarious, and she is right side up. :-)

O is such a happy, smiley, chuckling young angel these days! Such a joy! It seems like it could not be possible that this is the same baby who was edging her way to gaining a title of colicky about a month ago. She is not colicky at all now.

Presently, O is sleeping well and long at night and well enough during the day considering her long nights. We are all getting sleep and we are all happy, smiley and laughing! God is good! Always! God was especially good to us during those difficult first months! He never left us and always strengthened us! God is good company all the time! Especially on sleepless nights at 2 in the morning! God is indeed good! Goodness, Mercy, Love! That is God!

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