Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of Smiles

Lately Olivia has taken to smiling! Seems to be her favorite thing to do. The next favorite thing is laughing. It is so wonderful to see this!!!! The first three months of her life there was really no social interactions. Then at 3 months the smiles started. But they were small and few and far between. Things have really changed for the better! It is great!

The pediatric endocrinologist called to say that Olivia's thyroid numbers look good and to continue at the same dose of medicine. Recheck will be in January. At this time we will head back up to see the doctor. I guess Olivia's sleepiness and low endurance are more of a Down syndrome thing than a thyroid thing at this point. I hear that babies with Ds tend to be more sleepy, but then look out! They can be typical toddlers who would rather not take a nap. Sounds like fun! :-)

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