Saturday, December 12, 2009

Head Control Milestone! Hooray!

This is not the best photo of her head control. I will have to take a better one. Anyway, the BIG news to hit our home is that at 7 months old, Olivia has head and neck control! This was more delayed than the physical therapist (PT) would have expected. She was not sure why. But I think it is related to the back arching trouble she had for so many months. At that time we had a different PT. The PT signed off on the official milestone on Friday! Yay team!!!! Olivia can now do what she wants to do with her head and neck when she wants to do it! And other than when we are holding her and she decides she wants to do something that would be dangerous, we can basically trust her to take care of her own head! I have always said that there would be dancing in the streets when this milestone occurred as at times it seemed that we would never get here. If it was not so COLD outside I just might be dancing in the street!!!!

As you can see from Olivia's tummy, which Daddy affectionately calls her "bowl full of jelly", she is a good eater! The homemade pureed baby food seems to have been the magic trick to bring about so much development recently! She is also vocalizing more sounds and trying to communicate much more! The other big development is that she now is rolling around with ease on the floor to get places. Look out world! Here comes Olivia! The other development is that her hair is growing in. It is most definitely going to have some amount of curl to it.

I will try to post some more photos of her developmental milestones soon. We have been very busy around here with Christmas preparations (gift buying and wrapping, getting cards out etc) and this is the busy season at work for Peter, so long days and long nights and no such thing as a weekend. This should be the last week for the hectic work schedule. Daddy does make time for Olivia each morning before starting work, so he has his priorities in place! :-) I think it is nice to start the day with a smiling happy chuckling baby before working with engineers and inventors the rest of the day :-).

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Aimee said...

Patty-cakes for Olivia! So exciting for her!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful first Christmas together-- I'm sure that's one thing the girls have in common-- they're unbelievable ability to get SPOILED!

Merry Christmas!