Friday, December 25, 2009

Jesus is Born! Gloria!


Olivia had a great time celebrating Jesus' Birthday!

She began her day with a special morning prayer:

"Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
Thank you for this Beautiful Christmas Day!"

And a Beautiful Day it was indeed!

We had to keep reminding her that it was Happy Christmas! Not Happy KissMas!
Once again, a holiday just means extra kisses all around!
Olivia is so very very loved!

Daddy and Olivia playing with her Busy Box.
This one is by Tiny Love and is a wonderful Busy Box.
Tiny Love also made the mobile that she enjoys so much!

Santa filled her personalized stocking. Each of us have a personalized stocking now.
These home-personalized stockings were
a very loving gift from her birth-mom, siblings and birth-grandma.

Olivia opened her gifts in her pajamas like any self respecting child!
Daddy helped her pose by the tree.

Daddy bought Olivia a special Christmas jacket. Here Olivia poses with our Christmas Elf.
This is the Famous Christmas Elf who hides in various places all during the Christmas Holiday. One never knows where he will show up. Presently, he is sitting under the tree in the basket of stringing beads, but he has been known to show up hanging from the chandelier or peering over the monitor of the computer.


My name is Sarah said...

Such a cute photo of the Christmas Elf. Merry Christmas:)

SukiJ said...

Olivia looks beautiful in her red Christmas dress.

PJM and LSM said...

Blogger was having trouble publishing comments the other day. Here are some comments sent to us directly:

"I can't help but smile and feel the joy in your home on Olivia's first Christmas. You are blessings to each other and there is no doubt of God's goodness when I think of all of you!

Merry, merry Christmas!

Love, Jen"


"I loved the pictures of Olivia and also the elf.


Rooster said...

Beautiful Christmas photos!! Did Olivia get a package from Marcos in the mail? It should have arrived a few days before Christmas. We love you!