Monday, June 21, 2010

A General O Update

So far, the new meal plan is going smoothly. Olivia is handling the rice milk and added fats fine. She is enjoying chomping away on veggies, especially green beans and cooked daikon radishes. As Mom enjoys daikon radishes with her breakfast, Olivia has decided she does also. Dad eats fruit, but Olivia cannot be convinced that solid fruit is chomping worthy. Bananas are going better though. Peter, the engineer, has made an excel spreadsheet which beautifully tracks Olivia's nutrition information for each meal. Although all the record keeping is a bit of a task, it is worth it as we work with the doctor and dietician to create an optimal diet to assist Olivia's development. Next addition is the multivitamin. We decided to go with a general multivitamin as opposed to a specialized one such as nutrivene, as this was the professional advice.

The power went out one evening into the night and this caused sleep issues for Olivia. It was much too dark, quiet and warm to sleep! Perfect sleep environment for me, but Olivia had other thoughts! As I sat and rocked her, she continuously signed fan. She knows that when we are warm, we turn on the ceiling fan. Poor kid just could not understand why I was ignoring her request. Communication is going beautifully. Olivia can sign a numb of words, including fan, mommy, happy, sad and all done. Her affirmative sign is to clap.

Fathers Day...

We spent Fathers Day with many of the men in Olivia's life: Grandpa, Uncles, and of course Daddy. The men love the lake, so that was where we were. And a wise choice at that!

Olivia got her first boat ride! And promptly fell asleep!

Olivia went for her first swim and loved it. I loved playing in the water with her. She floats well so was as light as a feather in the water.

And Olivia got a chance to play with her cousins. As you can tell we were having a great time!

A dear sweet neighbor made this doll for Olivia. It is predict and gorgeous! She even embroidered Olivia's name on the apron (by hand!). A special gift from a very special friend!


The Hapa Girl said...

Ummm...I kinda stopped reading when I saw she will eat daikon! WHAT is that??? I am so impressed with this little girl!

Miss O is growing up wonderfully and beautifully!

Hugs and kisses from Lillian and I!

Jason said...

This post is great. I, too, especially like the part with the daikon radish. As the cook in the family I am always trying to get my wife to eat more vegetables. I will be able to start earlier with our baby!