Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not well, but improving

In case you were wondering what happened to us, Olivia has been under the weather for two weeks and my husband had a stress test leading to a heart cath.  He is fine. No blockages. He is just recovering and has restrictions on lifting.  Olivia is also doing better.  Praise God! On both accounts!

We know now that Olivia has a food sensitivity which was causing the stomach yucky-ness (I will spare you the details!).  I sure hope this solves our questions about why Olivia kept having bouts of being a limp wet noodle.  I know that when my tummy is out of whack, I don't feel very energetic, and so with Olivia's significant low tone, she simply melts to a limp nothingness with very low energy.  It was very scary. And the doctor was seen and called repeatedly. He did not solve the mystery. He kept saying stomach bug and ran blood test to check other issues.  If your child with Ds is low tone (hypotonia), it changes everything.  There is no doubt in your mind as to whether or not low tone exists or if it affects your child.  You know it!  I had a great reassuring phone call the other day with a mom of two low tone children with Ds.  She echoed all I said. And I liked that she told me that when Olivia is sick and just cuddles into me all day (and day after day), to just enjoy it.  Olivia is a love!!!!  I just hope she continues on the path to feeling better. Yesterday she was making progress regaining her strength and was finally acting a bit more like herself. For the past two weeks, I was wondering where my Olivia had gone.  I was reassured that she kept talking and kept signing. But she was not her normal smiley self.

I am just drained from these weeks of concern for my Olivia and my husband.   This is the darkest time of the year, and this year it has been a particularly tough time to get through.

Presents are under the tree and we are always ready to celebrate the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!  Olivia has not understood the excitement over Santa, but she loves to sign Baby Jesus and to take her baby Jesus in and out of His manger.  (it is just a tiny stuffed toy that I sewed years ago and part of a stuffed Nativity Scene. Olivia is only interested in Baby Jesus and Hail Mary)


stephanie said...

Goodness! I'm glad you got to the bottom of Olivia's issue. i know my heart starts to beat fast when anything is wrong with Em. Even a simple cold. Our Dumplings are so unpredictable that you just have to be on guard. no wonder she was so blah, I hate tummy issues. she probably was wiped out.

And your husband! praying everyone makes a full recovery for Christmas. You must be exhausted yourself!
Praying Christmas Day brings you all peace joy and rest!

Aimee said...

UGH! What a mess! Glad everyone is feeling better; we'll be praying that it stays that way!