Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sledding for the First Time

Hey this is really fun!!!!

This was my first time sledding and it was the best!  Here is me relaxing in the snow.  I learned to sign SNOW today!  It looks like I am dancing, but it is my close approximation of the sign for SNOW.  I really like snow. And I don't even know that it is cold, because Mommy had me all bundled up so that I could hardly move. But I could feel the speed of the sled.  Awesome!!!


Csunshinegirl said...

Awww...too cute! What kind of sled did you buy? I want to get one for Olivia too. Sledding is actually a good core exercise. ;)

PJM and LSM said...

the sled is on Amazon ... but we bought it in town

Looking Up said...

Love it! :)