Friday, February 11, 2011

Well Baby and Photos

We had a 21 month old Well Baby Doctor visit today. He felt Olivia was doing well, was cognitively "All Toddler" and she is progressing slowly but surely in the Gross Motor area.  We felt the visit went well and that we got the motivation and information we needed to go forward.
Olivia once was a 50% percentile baby, but now is a 15% and 7% toddler. She now weighs 22 lbs 2 oz which is 7% for weight and she is 31 1/2 inches long which is 15% for height. Doctor felt this was fine, as kids with Ds eventually fall off from their peers as far as size is concerned.  Olivia gets plenty of calories, but she is very active!  She is still a belly crawler, so ask anyone who has been to boot camp, and they will tell you that it takes a lot of energy to belly crawl.  We have some long expanses of hallway in our house, and Olivia is not afraid to belly crawl herself from room to room.  If she is chasing a cat, she is particularly quick about it!
We have noticed hair loss in Olivia, but the doctor does not believe it to be alopecia. Alopecia is common in people with Ds.  Jacob had it.  Doctor believes this to be normal age related "losing baby hair getting child hair" hair loss.   Of course, we will watch it and hope that he is indeed correct.  She does have baby fine hair in the areas she has lost hair, so he believes this is not alopecia.  (weigh in on this topic if you know something else on the topic)
Olivia is getting good at her drum and enjoys is so very much.
 It is wonderful organizing activity and works key muscle groups also. This drum gives a very pleasant sound.

Olivia has taken to her sensory box. No longer fearful, she enjoys reaching in, grabbing a handful and throwing the beans all over the room.  Lorelai, our oldest cat, loves to chase the beans that are thrown.  Rory, our youngest cat, just watches and looks confused.

You can sort of see her hair loss on the right side in this photo.

With some Baptism- Being Born- Being Adopted money from Grandma and Grandpa B we bought Olivia her own special chair (and table and chair... see below). She loves to sit in it and read and  also to kneel up to it.  It is a good sized chair, I can sit in it, so it should last her a good long time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my daughter is 15 months old (with two 21st chromosomes) and has the same hair issue going on in the same place on her head (on both sides). So maybe Oivia is just going through the same stage?

ch said...

she looks so great! and i cannot get OVER those gorgeous curls.

lc absolutely has the same hair issues. she has a full blown piggie tail on one side and next to nuthin' on the other. we've also found she falls asleep...she's a hair PULLER...which just adds to the problem.

either way, sweet o is knocking my socks off...such a star!