Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Patience, Humility, Love and Laughter

I cannot believe that I have not posted yet in February.  Olivia has been keeping us hopping as usual.  Ironic that she is totally into bunnies these days!

We are doing PT and OT at the hospital and I am learning and reading more and more about sensory issues and trying to come up with a sensory diet (which is not about food at all, but is about the kinds of sensory input that keep Olivia calm and focused but alert enough to be productive. As far as we can see so far, Olivia seems to have mixed issues: she is both over-sensitive or over responsive to sensory input and under- sensitive or under-responsive to sensory input.  Seemed strange and not possible to me, but turns out that this is a common combination in kids with SPD (sensory processing disorder).  I am needing to start writing down what I find works for Olivia, and start the official formulation of her sensory diet.   This will go far to help people other than me take care of her.  (this was in many ways suggested by my friend who has a teenager with autism.)

Olivia has not been drinking out of her straw cup since she had the flu.  This is doing nothing good for her tongue protrusion.  So that is an area of concern. She finally started drinking fluids this week though. She will take watered down baby food fruit out of a cup.  Now at least we are having an easier time keeping her hydrated.

Olivia is doing so much better with using utensils and a plate or bowl when she eats. She is resisting the urge to throw!!!!!  Praise God!!!! We still have a ways to go until we have unsupported feeding, but the progress is stunning!  Olivia has good eye hand coordination when she keeps focused.

Gross motor is as always slow going.  She is standing at her bar or against the sofa and dancing, but has no interest in cruising or taking steps.  She is becoming more stable on her feet though.  PT and I agree that she will not walk by 2 yrs. old.

In all things, Olivia gives us gifts daily. And the gifts she gives are the ones that we really need! The priceless gifts of  Patience, Humility, Love and Laughter!

She is a love!!!! And she is of so much value that I thank God daily for having been chosen by her birthmom to be her Mommy!  I also thank her birthmom!!!  Thanks C!!! And thanks for being a sweet friend to me!!!!

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Looking Up said...

Glad that baby O is starting to feel better . This winter has been the worst for illnesses here in Ohio. I had to laugh when you mentioned how little O loves to throw. I can tell you that my son would be eating alot more independently if he could resist his urge to fling everything on the floor! :)