Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cardiologist on Friday

C called today. On Friday, we will be going with C (and O!) and her social worker to a "special hospital" not too far from here to see the "very special pediatric cardiologists" to let them do a fetal echocardiogram and give their opinion on our little sweetheart's sweet heart.  As of an ultrasound done a few weeks ago at the "regular  hospital", we think that Baby O has a cardiac defect called a VSD  (ventricular septal defect).  These can be minor problems or more major problems. Currently the thought is that O's VSD in of the peri-membranous variety which usually needs surgery in the first year of life.  Cardiac defects are very common in babies with Down Syndrome. The cardiologist who read the first fetal echo gave us an 80% chance that she has the VSD.  That of course means that there is a 20% chance she doesn't have it!  We keep praying!

C told us that the pain is better, since the doctor told her to push on the painful area and get Baby O to move to a more comfortable position.  It worked!  


Rooster said...

:) I love the comment "push on the painful area and get Baby O to move to a more comfortable position." Glad she's feeling better and that you get to spend some more time with her on Friday and see your cutie again (on the screen).

SukiJ said...

Hopefully the news will be good. 20% is still better than 0. As always we will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.