Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Little Background

My husband (PJM) and I (LSM) are walking the journey with a birth mother who is pregnant with a baby girl who has a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.  We will leave a lot of details out of our posts in order to protect the privacy of the birth mother.  We will refer to the birth mother as C, for her courageousness. C is a really neat, compassionate, wonderful woman who we are blessed to be getting to know.  As we have had two adoptions fall through in the past, we simply take one day at a time, knowing that nothing in life is for certain or forever.  But these past 4 weeks have certainly been full of ups and downs!  We are hopefully optimistic that Baby O will come to be our daughter one day, but in the meantime we simply are living in the moment with our thoughts and prayers always with C and Baby O.  A due date is the end of May.

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Mom said...

I'm glad to see the picture.I wish I could see what you and Peter can see. Love defeeptMom