Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Power of Prayer!

Yesterday we went with C to the "special hospital" to meet with the "special pediatric cardiologists".   The ultrasound was done by a cardiologist (Dr. P) this time, and then reviewed by another cardiologist (Dr. F).   The findings were hopeful and good news!  Although both doctors did not want to discredit what the cardiologist (Dr. D) had said at the "regular hospital", the doctor said that if the other doctor (Dr. D) had not seen anything that she certainly would not have seen anything at all.  What she (Dr. F) did see was an extremely tiny hole (VSD). She thinks that that there was a bigger hole 3 weeks ago, but that further tissue development has been closing up the hole.  She said that possibly the hole will be completely gone by the time Baby O is born!  So we keep praying!  There is power in prayer!  After O is born, they will do another echocardiogram to check out her heart.  An echocardiogram sometime after birth is standard with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome anyway.

C was very patient and brave during the ultrasound.   The baby was very active during the ultrasound and not very cooperative.  Dr. P commented that Baby O is active, but active is good! However for C, active is painful and uncomfortable.  C tells us that O is most active in the early hours of the morning, so we should be forewarned!  C seems ready to let O move in with us so that she can get some sleep!  As much as we want her here with us, we would rather wait until the end of May and let Baby O develop fully prior to her arrival.

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Abuela Maria Juana said...

This was good news. We are keeping you all in our prayers every day!