Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally an update

I have to apologize for the delay in posting. O has been keeping us very busy.
She is definitely thriving and getting really strong (sometimes I wonder if she is going to be stronger than me pretty soon! In fact, we were told by the child psychologist that she is right on track for a typical baby her chronological age. Therefore she is doing GREAT for a 4 week early premature baby with Down Syndrome. Daddy O was just at a new families party at Logan Center. (O could not go since she is still grounded from crowds :-( ) He said that the kids with DS who have heart defects are the ones who show the greatest delays. The kids without heart defects do pretty well. O is so blessed as to have a really healthy heart! We know that our little J has had so many health issues and developmental issues due to his heart defects. He is to have surgery. We have indicated a desire to adopt him. Now they just need to see if we are still a match for J since we now have O. (confusing huh!)

O now weighs 7 lbs 1.5 oz. She is about 20 1/2 inches long. She really looks lean and has baby muscle tone. Due to the DS, she has a short neck and so appears heavy in the face and neck. She also has extra skin at the back of the neck. She doesn't wear collars very well. Something to consider when clothes shopping. I have to buy more clothes in the next size up. She will be in them soon. Her torso is really long!!! Her arms and legs are normal, but she has to roll up her sleeves and her pants.

Sleeping. We are still trying to balance out activity and sleep so as to give her enough play therapy time, yet not over tire her. It is tricky. We discovered that sleeping in her infant chair doesn't count for sleep time. It results in a fussy over tired baby. No more of that!!!!! Luckily she likes her crib. But today she did not like the thunderstorm and day time darkness. Who does!

We are blessed! And we are tired! Typical new parents I hear! And we are over protective and over zealous and over conscientious! For those of you who have known us forever you are not too surprised!!

I hear my little angel now! Time for a snack then back to sleep... I think!!! :-)


SukiJ said...

Olivia is growing so fast. She doesn't look like a baby very much anymore. You guys are clearly GREAT parents and you don't need anybody else to tell you that. Everyone should take a minute at prayer time and give thanks that Olivia doesn't have a heart problem. She is truely blessed. Please give her a big hug from Aunt Suki....... : )

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from a google search. I'm always looking for blogs of parents who have children with special needs.

Congratulations on Baby O! She looks so precious. Hope you are able to get some sleep yourself!

Rooster said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. You sound like typical new parents, indeed! I'm enjoying all the photos!
Kisses to Olivia,
Third cousin Emily

Keith Wilcox said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! You are in for lots of work and sleepless nights, but also for lots of joy and countless blessings. Being a parent is the hardest job there is but it's the one with the greatest satisfaction... :-)