Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rollover Day

Today during tummy time, O rolled over from tummy to back!!!
When she rolled from back to tummy a few weeks ago, she had no clothes on as it was dressing time. This time she was fully clothed, big diaper and all!
I guess the Early On interview yesterday motivated her! From their brief look at her developmentally, O is doing really well, and is accomplishing some 2 month old milestones.
O seems to understand "day time" a bit better, and has been awake much more during the day. She still needs a lot of sleep, and sometimes has a time getting herself to pull away from socializing and go take a nap. Mommy and Daddy have resolve though, and she is staying well rested. It is nice to have her awake more and be able to spend more time with her.
See how strong she is in the neck, arms and chest. She is doing better at getting her arms under herself by herself, and is taking far fewer "nose dives" and is better at rescuing herself when she does. She is also getting better at getting her feet and legs tucked under herself during tummy time. Yesterday, she was very alert and had 3 long tummy times. Today two. She is now taking a bath immediately before bedtime bottle (about 7 or 8 p.m.) Then it is off to dream land and then the night begins. She still feeds about every 3 to 4 hours during the night. But it is strictly business in the nursery and then back to bed. Mommy is a real party pooper at night!

Both sets of Grandparents have been so wonderful to us! Without the various ways that both sets of Grandparents have helped us, we would not be able to be helping O get off to as great of a start as she has now.
Thanks Grandparents!!!!!!
Today my Mom was here helping out: feeding, holding, changing, dusting, mopping!!!!!
Thanks Mom!!!!

Side note: The evaluator from Early On, was very good friends with a prior resident of our house. You may have heard our stories about Lady Isabella from England "Old Money" whose mother paid to have the sunporch added to the house. Lady Isabella is in England now. Olivia's new nickname is Lady Olivia. No more calling her Miss Olivia. She is now taking over as royalty in the house! We needed some class around here!


SukiJ said...

Boy, I am really impressed by how well Olivia is doing. You guys should have a small celebration. I just love looking at the pictures of her. Keep them coming. Love, Aunt Suki

Michelle said...

Way to go Lady Olivia. Amazing progress in such a short time. And I love her little pink-flowered outfit.

Grace said...

Congrats on the rollover! What a cute little sweetpea
she is.

Signe said...

that is very impressive! she is very strong and determined; qualities that will take her far in life. And, she is so beautiful to look at. It's great that you're family is close enough to enjoy her as well.