Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 months old video

I have made a new video of O to show you what she is doing these days. Since on the hypothyroidism medicine we are seeing great improvements from where we had been the last month. She is stronger, can stay awake longer, happier and more alert. She is making great progress in head and neck control. She should get there by the average month for Ds for this milestone of 4 to 5 months. She is doing better in a supported seated position and is more attentive during story time. O is interacting better with her environment She is watching her rattles and moving them more purposefully. And so much more! Thank the good Lord we found this thyroid issue so early! It makes all the difference!

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Michelle said...

Love the video. And she has such a pretty smile (when she's willing to show it to you).

I had a few entries to catch up on after being on vacation. I'm glad you got the hypothyroidism diagnosed and treatment started.