Monday, September 21, 2009

At the Lake and Ds Walk update

Wanting to enjoy the last beautiful days before Fall and Winter are upon us, we headed up to the Lake to see Uncle Dick, Sr Veronica, and Y (and we saw the nice neighbor, too!)
It was a bit windy and cool, so Olivia basically just sat, cuddled and then slept. She interacted a bit. But was mostly just a bit overwhelmed by the breeze and the hat she was wearing. It was wonderful to show Sr Veronica how much Olivia has changed since the Reunion in July.

Team Olivia is gearing up for Saturday's Down syndrome Walk. Thanks to so many generous people!
Daddy will be babysitting for Olivia, who is on doctor's orders to stay out of crowds this cold and flu season. Preemie, low birth weight on top of Ds puts her at greater risk for being hospitalized as the result of a simple cold that gets out of hand. Our goal is NO illness this Winter. But we know that may not happen despite our best efforts. Should we end up in the hospital with Olivia, the Good Lord will strengthen us as He did the weeks we were in the NICU.

Our Training Buddies for the Ds Walk are:
Grandma B
Uncle Doug
Aunt Cindy
Cousin and godfather, Eddie
Cousin and all around great guy! Stephen
Great Aunt Jo
... and anyone else who cares to join in on the fun!

Olivia continues to take her hypothyroid medicine every morning. We see some improvements in her, but we are suspecting that her TSH and T4 are not yet normal. These will be retested in October. The other test in October is another hearing test. She passed her newborn test, but will have a hearing test every 6 months until the age of 3 per Ds Medical guidelines

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