Monday, September 28, 2009

Evaluation updates

Over the course of the past 6 days, Olivia has had numerous evaluations: Pediatrician, Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapist (OT), Speech Therapist (ST), Infant Toddler Teacher, and then finally today the Child Psychologist doing the Bayley Developmental Assessment. Yes! We have been busy!

Olivia is on track in all areas for a typical 3 to 5 month old, except for her head and neck control. The head and neck control is being delayed by weak muscles in the front of her neck and chest. We keep working on the exercises and continue to have patience. It will come, it just comes more slowly than with typical children. But we are thrilled that in all other areas she is on track! The Cognitive Evaluation was also very positive! She has such good use of her hands, and eye hand coordination, in addition to concentration that it was easy for the Psychologist to assess her cognitive development. (at least that is what she told us) Although we have been told that at some point kids with Ds fall behind their peers, we are not seeing it yet. As someone with a background in Montessori Education, I will just keep believing in her potential and trying to provide her the best environment in which to develop to her fullest potential. Olivia is exciting to work with and watch. The toy she is playing with in the photo is her current favorite toy. She plays with both hands, brings it to her mouth, studies it, drops it and picks it back up again and throws it :-) .

Today we watched as she purposefully rolled from her back to her stomach. She had been having difficulty with this move, as her head simply did not want to go the rest of the way over. When she has been laying on the floor and practicing, Daddy and Mommy have sat by quietly in the background with silent cheers so as not to disturb her concentration. It was so awesome when today as we watched she actually did it! We quietly high fived it! And watched her as she enjoyed her tummy lying position that she had achieved all by herself! Reminds me of my niece who is famous for saying, "I do it myself!" We think Olivia will be an "I do it myself child" also!

The blood test to check her hypothyroidism is next week. We will be surprised if it is in the therapeutic range. Some days I feel that it is and other days I question it.

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Michelle said...

Just awesome news all around. Yay Olivia!