Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Try at Rice Cereal

Olivia calmly took her first mouthfuls of cereal today.
... and occasionally said this stuff feels odd in my mouth :-)

This was Olivia's first try at eating solid food. Grandma B and Daddy took photos and movies while Mommy tried her best to feed Olivia. We have been getting advice from the Speech Therapist and also information from a DVD from TalkTools. Olivia did not spit the food back out, but let it be in her mouth and tried very calmly to figure out just what to do with it.

It will take a while before Olivia is truly up to speed on eating. But this first try went better than we had expected.


Rooster said...

An exciting day!!!

Nana Price said...

I enjoyed looking through your blog this morning. What a blessed family!

My daughter, Aimee, had a sweet little baby girl on May 11th this year, 2 months early. She, too, has Down syndrome. Her best friend had a baby girl born on May 4th. Lots of girls!

It was fun reading about your daughter's 6 month check up; hasn't time flown by? My granddaughter had her 6 month check up yesterday. She weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 21.5" tall. God glows in her face, too.

Best wishes,
Robbie, Piper's Nana