Monday, November 16, 2009

Photos of Our Forever-Daughter!

Our family! Cats and people! Everyone loved!!!!
Olivia counted 2 million kisses today!!!!
That is what being adopted means!
It means you get kissed 2 million times!!!!
(as opposed to the normal 1 million times a day!)
And every newly adopted daughter needs
to take some time to do her studying at her desk!

We are so happy as we bask in the reality that Olivia is our Forever-Daughter!
It has been so very many years in trying to get to this point, that it is all the more amazing of a feeling. Tonight I held her just a bit longer before putting her in her crib for the night as I simply savored the reality that we officially and legally have a daughter. Olivia has been our daughter in our hearts since late February, and we certainly have been BEING her parents. Now it is just official and legal, and it feels awesome! And some would say miracles don't happen! Miracles DO indeed happen! Praise God!


Rooster said...

I'm so, so, so happy for your family of three. What wonderful news!

GreggR said...

I love the desk.
Is there any gum under the
desk top :~)

PJM and LSM said...

I better check for gum. I don't think that gum is allowed in school. Hope Olivia doesn't get a detention already. Mischievous!

Signe said...

I am so happy that Olivia is your's to keepl She is so perfect for you just as LoLo is perfect for us. How amazing is it that you knew exactly what you needed and when. Olivia is the daughter you always longed for and wanted and loved and she will be all that she can be and more. I am so happy for you both and look forward to any and all updates on little O.