Monday, November 23, 2009

No more mohawk comb over!

Olivia got her first haircut today! Aunt Connie did a wonderful job and Olivia was very calm and did not even seem to realize what was happening. The top of her hair was long in the middle and it would flop to one side in an odd way. She also had one lone curl on the side. Now her hair is more even, and looks great! It still has length and curl on top.

So, Olivia had her first haircut at 6 months and 18 days old. That is written in her baby book. Yes, we did save her hair!

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Nana Price said...

Olivia is soooo very cute! She looks like a little dress-up doll!

I have a granddaughter, Piper, who is almost the same age as Olivia. We were just talking this weekend that MAYBE Piper's hair is growing... maybe just a little??? It may be some time before a trim will be in order for Piper!

You are obviously a loving family!

Best wishes, Piper's Nana