Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Salon Appointment

We took Olivia for her First Salon haircut this week. She did really well and gave the hairstylist mostly all smiles.
Well... not all smiles.... it was a bit overwhelming for a short while during the middle of the haircut, but nothing that a few "happy babies" and "cock a doodle doos" could not fix.
So then we were finished.... And Olivia and the stylist both survived. We will return!
After Olivia's haircut, Mommy got her haircut. Olivia sat on Daddy's lap and LAUGHED! Apparently Mommy getting a bunch of hair cut off her head is hilarious!


Michelle said...

How fun! Though I'm a bit jealous. After 26 months, we have yet to do the haircut yet with my daughter.

My name is Sarah said...

Ah that is so cute. A first haircut:)