Monday, April 19, 2010

Kneeling and Standing

We are to put Olivia in an upright kneeling position to strengthen the back of the thigh and hips in preparation for crawling and walking. She doesn't like this position very much at all. Here is a peaceful moment though.
Olivia likes to stand up to her Leap Frog table. It is good motivation to do this hard task. I usually have my hands on or near her, but this is an independent moment for the camera.


Peter said...

All this after swearing at us for months when we suggested she put weight on her legs. Now she loves it and asks to stand up :-)

La Casona Rosa said...

Another milestone: a few months ago she was overstimulated by a wide selection of colorful toys (her excersaucer) but now she loves her color and toy-filled table!

PJM and LSM said...

Rosa.... Exactly! She is not sensory defensive any longer! As a preemie, it was tough summer as the sensory defensiveness was in full gear. She has made so much progress!

Aimee said...

Wowie Wow Wow! Way to go! She looks like such a big kid up on her table! :)

We put diluted apple juice or white grape juice in her bear- she seems to like them pretty well. A little sweet, and different from her "obligatory" milk, which I think helped. Our therapist told us to just snip off the lid because it gets in the way; I kept it so that I could just snap it back on if we had to go somewhere. Also, it helped A LOT when the straw was only about 3/8" long out the top- maybe a little longer for Olivia since she's a little bigger than Piper, I'm not sure. Becky said that if it's too long, they'll just chew on it.

Good luck! :)