Monday, January 31, 2011

Therapy Ball /24"

Olivia checked out the big 24" therapy ball at PT today.  She loved it and it provided her  a more dynamic standing experience as it moves with her as opposed to the bar which is stationary.  

Daddy was thrilled with what he saw, and in a matter of days a package will arrive with Olivia's own ball for home.
 We will get her walking yet!  And it is fun to work with her towards this major milestone.
Her therapist is the other person in the photo. Olivia still loves her therapists very much.  They are gentle and soft spoken and patient with her. Just the way she likes it.  When Olivia was doing OT she saw her PT go through the room and she took off after her.  This has thus far been a so much better experience for all of us than the way that Olivia did not take well to her early on therapists, even though they were indeed quite qualified and experienced.  Olivia simply did not click with them.

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