Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Update

One month from today Baby O will be at 37 weeks gestation.  At that age, she would no longer be considered premature.  Thus, we are praying she will stay put until at least 37 weeks.  (optimally, waiting until 39 weeks) 

 C is tired of being pregnant and tired of filling out forms with her adoption social worker. She is ready to be done with everything.  She is going to her OB/GYN appointments solo these days. We don't know how the last appointment went, as our social worker is on Spring Break. C has our phone number in case of emergency. Therefore, no news is good news!  

We are now optimistic that this adoption will take place!  We are excitedly preparing our home for Baby O.  Our hearts have been prepared for her since we first heard her heart beat and first SAW her heart beating!  Seeing her sweet face sealed the deal!

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive with their optimism, and happy dancing! We believe that every baby deserves to come into this world having been joyfully prepared for by someone.  Regardless of whether or not Baby O becomes our daughter, we know that joyfully preparing for her arrival is what she deserves.  But, we are optimistic!  Happy Dancing!

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