Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1 year Cardiology Followup

It's me, Olivia, again. Since I am old enough to have a cardiologist, I convinced Dad I was old enough to post again. Today, I had my 1-year cardiology followup. Long story short, my heart is perfect - just like me. In fact, I blew the top off of the hospital's sweetness meter. If you are feeling charitable, the hospital is looking for donations to replace the one I broke. I hope they get one that can keep up with the awesome chromosonally-enhanced kids like me.

They had a really cool salt water fish tank in the waiting area. Here is Dad helping me get a good look. Fishy, Fishy
They first wanted to do an EKG. I said no way no how ... don't you get it ... I am not a 40-year-old man ... I am a sweet adorable 1-year-old girl ... I don't need no stinking EKG!!! Besides, Mom always says we don't put stickers on our bodies. They wanted to put tons of stickers on my perfect little body. I dealt with it ... I mean them. Boy did they feel bad when I laid the monster tears on 'em. They managed to do the EKG, but I cooperated in protest (should have seen me with my fist in the air in solidarity with ... someone, but I forget who).

The nice doctor then came in (after the evil nurse with the EKG machine left). I remembered the pretty doctor but she looked different than when I saw her before I was born. I look the same, not sure why she looks so different ... maybe it was the sack of fluid I was swimming in back then. Anyway, I digress, she and I really hit it off. But then again, how can anybody resist Miss Olivia. Flash those big brown eyes and I can get anything I want - except from the mean nurses. Going to have to find a new trick to wrap them around my little finger. I mean if I can turn Mom and Dad into such suckers ... there must be some way to control the nurses.

We then did an ultrasound. But before the ultrasound they gave me DRUGS - yes sireee - DRUGS. After that I didn't care much about anything. Ever wonder what I would looked like on drugs. Here ya go.
Let me tell you ... drugs on top of low muscle tone made me good for nothing. Even after the long ride home I still was falling over. Yes siree ... DRUGS will do it every time. Here's my awesome Mommy holding me before the ultrasound. I just love my Mommy!
Here I am getting my ultrasound. I was a perfect little angel. It was awesome - the young cutie who did my ultrasound when I was in the NICU did my ultrasound today. She must really like me to want to take pictures of my adorable heart twice.
Here I am checking out the cords. Dad, can I have my own ultrasound machine to play with?
Thats all for now.

Love and kisses to everyone!
- Sweet Baby O


Signe said...

that was the sweetest post..about the sweetest baby. It's good to see things from their perspective - and a lot of fun!!! Can't wait to meet her this weekend!!!

ch said...

Oh, my goodness. I can't get enough of O's sedated adoration of her sweet mom...such a perfect picture.

PJM and LSM said...

Daddy and Olivia are a good team in writing hilarious BLOG posts!!! :-) See you this weekend Signe!

Chris.... Love and kisses to Pudge and Zippy! (and for you too!!! You are a great Mom!!!!)