Sunday, May 23, 2010

Retirement Party - By Olivia

Daddy and Mommy said that I can Blog all I want during my birthday month, so here goes another post by me!

Apparently St John's Social Room is where all the partying is going on these days! Last weekend we went there for my First Birthday Party, and today we went there for Mommy's teacher's retirement party. It was so fun to see all the people and smile at them. I also liked getting a chance to meet so many people who helped make my Mommy who she is today. I had always wondered how Mommy was raised, and now I know. She was raised by really wonderful people and surrounded by lots of love. Sounds like a plan!

Here is a photo of me with Mommy, Grandma B and Mommy's teacher. She taught at St John's since 1970. That is Prehistoric Times for those of you who are wondering what the 1970's were.
This is me with Mommy and one of the Principals at St John's when Mommy was a little girl. Sister is a very nice lady and I really liked her pretty dress. Mommy says that Sister wears a habit. I think that means that she habitually wears dresses. I think that I will call my dress a habit from now on. Do you like my dress? I took this one to my party, but never changed into it. I DO like dresses!
This is me with Grandma B and Aunt Jo. They are really fun to be with! That is why I am laughing. I am learning how to sign Grandma. Comes in really handy for getting what I want! I need to learn to sign Aunt too! I have lots of wonderful Aunts!
This is me with one of the little boys that Mommy went to Grade School with. Those other cute little girls are his daughters. I met some other kids that Mommy went to school with. They are really nice. I wish I would have gotten my picture taken with Pam. I really liked her shirt and she was really nice.
I am not certain what I am going to do next weekend. Daddy and Mommy are celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary and I have to plan something really fun for them. They have fun showing me around the world, and I love getting a chance to see the great world that awaits me!

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