Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

My sweet sweet sister in law from CA sent these gorgeous roses to me to celebrate my first Mothers Day. Olivia LOVES her Aunt Suki!!!! Aunt Suki will be a very special guest at Olivia's first birthday party as Aunt Suki is flying in from CA to help Olivia celebrate her first year of life! It would not be the same with out Aunt Suki there, so we are so excited that she will be there!
I wanted to post about my First REAL Mothers Day. Last year, I was merely a visitor of Olivia while she was in the NICU. Olivia would not be our foster daughter until she was released from the hospital and she would not be our prospective adoptive daughter until July and she would not be our daughter who we adopted until November. Therefore, I was not allowed to choose her clothes or make one single decision for her, except should I use two diaper wipes or one and the like. Yes! Bummer! This year I got to choose Olivia's clothes that she wore! And in honor of her friend Piper's birthday tomorrow, we chose her new ladybug Osh Kosh pants and a Baby Gap onesie. Later when we went to Olivia's first symphony, I added a Gymboree sweater to the outfit. Olivia loved the symphony! Well, it was not really a symphony, but a Suzuki Recital where her five year old cousin was playing the violin. Olivia really enjoyed all the live music! We need to find some symphony matinees to take her to!


Nana Price said...

God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

Two little girls, born miles and miles apart, are growing up with mommies and daddies that love them more than they ever knew they could!

Each little girl, finding her way in this great big world, is watched over tenderly by their Father above as well as all their family below.

Now the little ones are each a year old with the world at their feet and only endless potential ahead.

Where will they go? God only knows as He watches and protects each on their path we call life.

Bless you little Olivia and know you are loved by those near and far!

Robbie, Piper's nana

The Hapa Girl said...

Awwww...Aunt Suki sounds wonderful! Glad you had your first "real" mother's day!