Friday, May 14, 2010

Sick Princess - By: Olivia

(notice the text message Princess on her t-shirt)
Hi Everyone.

It is me, Olivia again. I am posting again as I find it very therapeutic. This is SO NOT a good photo of me, because I have my VERY First Cold and as you can see I DO NOT feel well. Now I understand why Mommy and Daddy did not me to get one of these. They are nasty. My nose is running and running and running and then Mommy wipes my nose. I know she is trying to help, but honestly, I am OK with having runny nose all over my face. But she is not, so what is a girl to do. Last night I kept waking up and needing Mommy to soothe me and tell me that I was OK. I really like my crib and I really like to sleep so I was glad that after a little bit of rocking in the chair with Mommy, I felt calm enough to go back to sleep for a hour or two before I woke again needing Mommy to help me remember that I was going to be OK. I do like rocking with Mommy at night, but my crib is so much more comfortable.

And, one more thing just to get it off my chest. I am so glad that I don't have to go back to the cardiologist anymore, because that is where I caught this cold. And to top it off, Daddy caught the same cold and he had to get medicine from the doctor this morning. Good news is that Daddy will feel better by my party on Sunday. I hope I feel better too. And I sure hope that Mommy is feeling well, because she has a lot of work to do to make my party spectacular. Mommy has been preparing my party for some time now, hope everyone enjoys the party. I tried on all three of my party dresses yesterday. I LOVE dresses! I sat in front of my mirror and smiled and admired my beautiful dresses. I don't know which dress I am going to wear. I am taking all of them and perhaps I will wear all three. I don't mind changing clothes if it is to play dress up.

I am hoping that the next time I post, I am able to tell you all about good things and not about cardiologists and nasty colds. Perhaps I will tell you about my birthday party. I hope Daddy helps me with that, because I do my best work with Daddy. Mommy helped me with this one, and I don't get as funny when I compose with Mommy as I do with my silly Daddy who is so wonderful and handsome!

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stephanie said...

Oh you sweetness!! Take care and feel better for your big party!! I say wear all three dresses!!!! And don't forget to tell your mommy to take lots of pictures so we can see how beautiful you look!!!