Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Lord's Day

Sunday was a welcome relief! Father spoke about how our sufferings help us enter through the narrow gate. Olivia causes no suffering to us. There is really one area of life that causes suffering, and that we are regrouping about as we realize that being made miserable at times is not just. Father prayed in thanksgiving for the good things of the summer, and we did have some great times with family and friends. So, there were some unpleasant things, but lots of warm wonderful moment to savor. Saturday I was coping with a lack of sleep, a fever and apparent pink eye. I think I was seeing the world through "conjunctivitis glasses".

After nap on Sunday, we went to the K of C picnic. It was fun to spend time with people from our parish. We had a chance to talk with a family who have their children at our parish school. We are Catholic. We were so excited to learn about the school and it may be a good fit for Olivia. She could start preschool at 3 years old. I went to Catholic schools for 14 years. To give Olivia as much Catholic education as possible would be a blessing to her and to us also. The principal already told us that Olivia is welcome there and that they will get her an aide if she needs it. It appears we are lucky to live in a small county and small town where this happens all the time.

Olivia with our deacon:

At the picnic:

Talking with friends:

Olivia was worn out from all of her socializing.

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stephanie said...

Being able to send Olivia to the Catholic school is such a blessing. My kids all go to St Peter School and I was just talking to her ET team today about schools for Em. There seems to be no way she will be able to go to the same school as her sisters and brother. The public school dept will take over, I could send her but she would not get any services there such as PT or OT. I would have to take her out of school during the day to go to public school for her therapies.

And I know the school would not be able to get her an aide. You are very lucky!!!

I'm staying hopeful that school will be a positive experience for Em. I still have a year of bliss though!