Friday, August 13, 2010

Rings on pegs

This is Plan Toys hammer bench. It is a wonderful toy. But right now, Olivia is not ready for hammering. I thought she might be strong enough to push the pegs down with her hand, but not yet. But Olivia discovered that she can put her rings on the pegs. These days Olivia is very interested in all things ring and peg. She has both a wooden stacking rings and a Fisher Price lights and sounds stacking toy. She is getting good at both. It is neat to see this new development in her eye hand coordination.

Olivia also loves to take things in and out of boxes, bags, baskets, cups, egg holders, etc. It is so amazing to see Olivia using her hands to accomplish a task she has in mind! Of course, one of her favorite tasks is taking off mom's glasses.

At the moment, I am sitting quietly, watching Olivia move herself around the sunroom as she explores this and that toy, and takes toys off of her shelf by herself. Lorelai, the cat, is about to get her nap disturbed, so I best intervene. :-)

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Adrienne said...

She's doing great! Where did you get that toy?