Friday, August 27, 2010

Teeth, hands, knees and tush!

This week Olivia got herself from her tummy to a sitting position! "all by herself"! Despite all my working with her to get into sitting "by the rules" she did it the Chinese splits way. So I keep working on the "by the book" way, but congratulate her on her initiative. (read: hugs, kisses, clapping, yay!)

Both of these photos were taken by a proud Mommy after Olivia put herself in this position!

Yesterday, while Olivia was waiting for me to get her up from her afternoon nap, we saw her, on the video monitor, get herself into the "up on all fours" position! She even rocked! Again, I have been working overtime on this! So we were super excited! Later in the day, Olivia and I went to visit my 87 year old godmother. I put Olivia up on all fours, and let go. Olivia stayed there and rocked, all by herself for about a minute. God only knows how many milestones I will be able to share with my godmother, so it was extra special to be able to share this with her.

Olivia has been screaming occasionally. It is the Teething Scream! Sure enough, I can see two gray marks that indicate that two teeth are almost through. This will make 10 teeth. This will give her 4 teeth on the bottom front.