Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well Baby Doctor Visit- 15 months old

Olivia had her 15 month well baby visit Monday. Doctor was very pleased with how well she is doing and especially with all she CAN DO! She can do her stacking rings (mostly), she can spin an old fashioned top (mostly), she can so so many performing tricks, (so Big, clap, monkey, motorcycle, etc.) She is very friendly and High Fives everyone she meets. We had a hour and a half wait at the doctor's office, but Olivia was having a great time socializing in the waiting room. One mom and a 12 year old girl sat down next to us, and it turned out the girl has Ds also! That was really neat! The girl was quite the young lady! You could tell that the parents had worked very hard with her. Her interests were very much the interests of a much younger child and her speech was typical for a person with Ds, but she was intelligible, and had very good social skills.

Olivia grew in height!!!! But only slightly in weight, which is just what the doctor wanted to see. Weight is 40%: 22 1/2 pounds and height is 40%: 30 inches. This is on the typical charts. For the Ds charts she is 90% for both! So she is a smaller typical child but a large child for a child with Ds. That is Good!!!!! She is likely to grow to be a normal sized woman!!!! I would not doubt that she gets to be as tall as me! Being a normal sized person will help her be accepted in society! And will help her be able to live in a world designed for adults. Praise God!!!!

Olivia is still spitting up on a couple of days a week. That would usually be gone by this age. It may be related to GERD due to low muscle tone, or it may be something else. Thus, Doctor is ordering a Swallow Study. He says it is probably nothing and will go away as she starts crawling or walking and thus getting more exercise in an upright position. But we need to be cautious!

Olivia with her cousins this past weekend. These are my oldest brother's sons. We tell Olivia that they are her "Hunky Uncles"!
Olivia with her girl cousins. These are my other brother's girls. They are known as "The Girls" because my family is loaded with males! In fact, there are two new babies born this year, and both are boys. Olivia and her girl cousins are "roses among thorns" as they say. Or perhaps she is "sugar and spice and everything nice, amidst the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails"! But we LOVE the males in the family and think they are pretty darn amazing!

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Looking Up said...

Glad to hear that she is doing well! She is a doll baby. :)