Saturday, September 25, 2010

A few things I know! By Olivia

Hi Everyone! I wanted to show you a few thing I know how to do.

One, I know how to be cute!
Two, I know What Motorcycles do... Vroom Vroom
Three, I know how to say Hello Everyone by waving and smiling big!
Four, I know where my tummy is, and I know to rub my tummy when I am hungry.
Five, I know where my feet are! (They are in my shoes!) If you ask me where my shoes are, I will just sign shoes, but not show you where my shoes are.
Six, I know where my hair is.
Seven, I know how to make lots of sounds of the alphabet. Here I am making the P sound. (or maybe the F sound, Mommy cannot remember which one I was making at the time.)
So that is a little of what I have been learning in my home school. I don't think that I am really being home schooled, but I think it sounds very grown up to call it homeschooling! I have lots of friends who are home schooled. If you are good and you are home schooled you get a guinea pig named Bill! That sounds cool! So far I only have two cats and a neighbor named Bill, but I love them all!


Signe said...

could she be any cuter? or adorable or charming? NO No and NO!! She is learning so much and that is very exciting!

stephanie said...

You big beautiful smart girl!!!

The Hapa Girl said...

LOL...a guinea pig huh? Well, I'm going to make sure my children aren't reading this one. And BTW Ms. O, you are growing up to be one beautiful girl!

mbaugh34 said...

What a wonderful post! Love, Aunt Margaret

Looking Up said...

I have a feeling that she knows even more than she is able to express to you right now. My son continually amazes me with how much info he has been able to absorb. :)