Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Needing new shoes was the perfect excuse for us to hit the road, bag the chores and do some serious outlet shopping! I really have had a strong disdain for shopping since childhood. Being cooped up in a mall all day is really not for me. But outlet strip mall shopping where you get to hang out outdoors in between stores is much more enjoyable. Olivia thought it was fun too! Looking at clothes was pretty boring, but grabbing them off the rack was hilarious! She has become super social, and greets every human being and statue with a big smile and an enthusiastic wave!

We got there before the stores opened and had a chance for a pre-shopping carbo-load!

Daddy thought "Olivia unleashed" was the perfect photo for this girl's first Big outlet shopping trip!

Buying shoes. She took to wearing them right away!

Olivia fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Time to go home! Osh kosh, Carters, Hanna Anderson, and Gymboree and other stores can stay in business following our contributions to their profit column! (I really like the sleepers I found at Hanna Anderson, and they were $10 cheaper than online!

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