Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rocky Rocky

I wanted to show you Olivia's progress in being on all fours and rocking. She is starting to enjoy it! And I have seen her try to get up on all fours by herself when I tell her to "Do Rocky Rocky". I know she can get up on all fours. At least I have seen her on all fours in her crib on one occasion. She may have gotten there accidentally and is now having trouble remembering how to do it. Soon (or later) she will have this milestone down pat! Thanks to Lorelai and Rory for their expert motivation! Cat power!


heidi marie said...


just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. found your blog via another one. olivia is adorable. i remember when my son henry rocked like that. it is so precious!

La Casona Rosa said...

Cute video!! O is SOOOO close to being independently mobile. It's almost like she thinks it's a game to be up on her knees and let her legs give out. Maybe she likes how that feels to "fall" a bit. The way she does it over and over and smiles like that makes me think she's "playing" with you, knowing you want her on her knees and she does it to see your reaction. "Oh, mom will always just lift me back onto my knees!" :) I remember Marcos doing things like that!