Friday, September 17, 2010

Up on all fours!

Celebration time! Olivia is up on all fours with her knees and hips in! No frog stance! She is able to hold it for longer and longer all the time! (I guess you can tell we are really proud of her progress)

Olivia's best motivator these days are the cats, Daddy and my iPad. I love this App! It has photos and it speaks the name of the animal and does the animal sound. It also has other categories: common items, letters etc. We don't use it much. But it does motivate her to move or kneel or climb up to the sofa.
I found this Fisher Price toy at Toys R Us. It comes with cars that have to be put in just so in order for them to go down. But I found that these balls work great! Olivia can do it! The colored balls are from Haba.
This was another improv toy. The pegs usually have round beads. I have adapted it with ring beads, and Olivia further adapted it with her plastic rings. Olivia is totally addicted to these plastic rings and has been for about a year.
I think this is a Plan toy. Again adapted. It usually has four different shapes. But that is too hard for her right now, but this is much more appropriate.

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Michelle said...

Great job Olivia! The iPad has become a toy in our house too. Carissa likes that app as well as Doodle Buddy and the Memory game.