Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ball Pit Tent

We noticed that using the baby pool for a ball pool had its potential for some dangerous mishaps. So we switched to this ball tent.  It is much safer.  Yesterday was the first day with the tent.  True to form, Olivia hesitated to enter, but when Mom climbed in Olivia was ready for action.  There are 200 balls, and Olivia sat in her ball tent and proceeded to throw all 200 balls out of tent one at a time.  It is the Process not the Product at this age. Olivia threw each ball out with two hands, them proceeds to wave or flap both hands after every throw. It was exhausting just watching her.  She did this toward the end of the day, and she fell asleep very easily last night.  

We have had much less, in fact practically no, trouble with Olivia throwing toys since we have been using the ball pool. I think giving her an acceptable activity in which she can throw to her heart's content has been what has helped.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was wondering where you bought this ball tent :) thank you

PJM and LSM said...