Friday, March 4, 2011

First Photo of Eyeglasses for Olivia

Here is our first photo of Olivia in her first pair of glasses.  You can see that she is a bit perplexed.  This photo was taken while we were still at the eye doctor. Peter was holding Olivia on his lap and holding her arms down.  She was not fighting, but was a bit confused.  If he let go of her arms, the glasses went sailing through the air!  When the technician showed Olivia herself in the mirror, Olivia studied herself and seemed pleased.

We also noticed that Olivia was looking for me when I was taking a movie, and was at first upset that she could not find me, but then she made eye contact with me from a distance and soothed right away at a distance. For some time now, I had noticed that if I was a distance from Olivia, she would not soothe until I got right up to her.

 I cannot wait to see how she takes to her glasses tomorrow when we can try her looking at her books at home with her glasses on.  Recently, she has needed her books so close to her face that she is only interested in them when we are with her so that we can hold them close to her face.

It may be sometime before Olivia wears her glasses full time, but just like everything in being Olivia's parents: Patience is the key to success!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.