Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sensory Box

Olivia loves her sensory box now.  I posted originally, when we first introduced her box to her, that she protested the boxes existence!  Now she loves it!  The great effect of time spent playing with her box, is that it leaves her calm and focused! She has been doing so much better with so many things since we have instituted more purposeful sensory play and more hearty gross motor play!  I like what one book said about sensory processing disorder treatment.  It said that good old fashioned, get dirty, roll in the mud, get active play is just what these kids need!  Cannot wait to see her belly crawling all over the yard soon!

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Looking Up said...

Baby O has quite the little arm on her. My son is the same way. Love snothing more than to throw things across the room. Wondering how long it took moommy to clean that up. :)