Sunday, March 6, 2011

Glasses- Second Day at Home

 These pictures pretty much tell you the entire story.  

 Olivia does seem to like seeing her books. Her eyes get wide and relaxed and her face sports a contented grin. Then she realizes there is something on her face, and off the glasses go!  

 Peter also sat with her on the floor with the television at at distance to watch WNDU Sunday morning news.  In the past, Olivia would like the idea of turning on the TV, but quickly lose interest, most likely because she was not seeing the picture well.  Today, she sat there mesmerized!  Absolutely wide eyed and with a very relaxed contented look on her face.  I can see her getting addicted to Barney like so many kids with Down syndrome.  (or perhaps she gets addicted to Winnie the Pooh DVDs.  She has a Pooh mobile over her crib and she has recently become a very big Pooh fan outside of her crib. Peter put the glasses on Pooh, and that really broke the ice on the glasses.  Today, Olivia gave Pooh a chance once again to wear her glasses.

And with a little pout!

This is my favorite photo!

One last note:  Yesterday, Olivia turned 22 months.  To celebrate, she pulled to standing repeatedly in her crib (while barefoot) for the first time, and returned to sitting with grace!  The day before, she pulled to standing at the bathtub and also inside the bathtub.  Yes! Dangerous! And I have the sore back to show for her bathtub standing.  I am also thinking of wearing a wet suit for her baths, as she likes to throw all of her toys out and me, and also likes to try to climb out onto me.  Peter picked up some Vtech or Leap Frog lights and flashes type bath toys thinking that if she had something super exciting in her tub, then maybe she would give her old mom a break and stay put in her bathtub.  Oh the excitement!  Lots of challenges and lots of keeping a sense of humor.  This too shall pass.  One day  I will have lots of stories to tell our adult Olivia about all of her antics as a child!

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My Little Wonders said...

Olivia is absolutely adorable and I love her glasses! You comment cracked me up about needing a wetsuit during bath time; I have felt that way a few times myself. :)