Wednesday, January 19, 2011

18 Teeth!

We now know one of the other reasons that December was such a difficult month and why our Happy Baby O was a not so Happy Baby at all for a while.  Olivia was getting her TWO YEAR OLD molars!  She now has 18 teeth.  Olivia got her two year old molars when she was 19 months old. Now remember that kids with Down syndrome tend to get their teeth late.  Apparently, Olivia did not get the memo. If our sources are correct, one would not expect the two year old molars until 24 month to 33 months.  Olivia still needs her two top eye teeth to get her full 20 teeth.  Ds moms, I think that others reading this blog would find it interesting if you commented on when your little darling got their first tooth and when their two year old molars came in.  With our little darlings with Ds, development in all areas is all over the place.  Olivia is still not walking, even though some of her Ds peers have been walking for some months. Olivia is talking (or at least she is trying to say lots of words)  a lot,  but some of her Ds peers are not.  Each of our dear children with Down syndrome are just like all human beings. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses.  

(The way we learned that Olivia has these molars is that when she was screaming bloody murder while the doctor did her ear recheck, I got a good look into her mouth.  I was amazed at what I saw, and then the doctor looked to confirm that I was correct.)

(Emily L., notice the bumble bee)
Olivia had therapy at the hospital Monday (PT and OT) and she has really taken a liking to the new therapists.   Olivia did not click with her  Early Interventions therapists. But these ladies she really likes!  Olivia was even very comfortable belly crawling all over the room exploring, and even took off down the hall.  When other children arrived and the place got chaotic and noisy, she continued to do well.  I think it is good that we go to the hospital for therapy so that she can learn to deal with getting along in a very different environment than home.  I hope that she will be ready for typical preschool by 3 years old.  Therapy at the hospital is one step to her independence from mom and dad, and starting to have Olivia's life outside of home.  Our Baby O is growing up!    Look out world! Here comes Olivia! And Olivia is very good at wearing people out !  (or so the book says!)


Looking Up said...

Teething is no fun for baby or for mommy :). My son turned two in December. He got his first tooth when he was 10 months old, hasn't gotten the 2 yr molars yet. I'm sure that he'll let us know when they arrive :)

Sarah said...

From Kiki: Olivia, you have the same bee I do!!! They are twins!